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About Us

Established in 1986, Henan Tianshui Chemical Co., Ltd is located in Qixian county Hebei city Henan,.Close to Beijing-Guangzhou railway, Beijing-Shenzhen expressway and 107# national highway, and only 20 minutes by car from Hebei Dong high-speed rail station to the south, the company enjoys a good location and convenient transport. The company is equipped with world-advanced thiocyanate production line and it's the largest domestic manufacturer of thiocyanate.
The company also boasts top-notch techicians, advanced equipments and complete testing methods, it mainly produces ammonium thiocyanate, sodium thiocyanate, potassium thiocyanate, sodium hydrosulphide Golden dressing agent and etc, which have been in good demand in both the domestic and overseas markets. Among the products, the ammonium thiocyanate's quality has reahced or even exceed international standards, now the ammonium thiocyanate we produced can be , for the first time in China, the substitute of imported ones. Our products, with their favorable prices and excellent services, have been well received among both the domestic and overseas customers and they have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions such as the US, Germany, France, Janpan, Korea, and the Southeast Asia etc.
In recent years, we have gradually formulated and carried out new strategies, and have built new factory buildings with an area of 40,000 sq. meters to further expand our production scale. We have also kept improving our operation methods and management mechanism to promote our competitiveness and to develop our company into a large-scale, modern international enterprise.
Qixian county is a magic land with beautiful scenery and a very long history. There are so many historic sites in this land, which has just made it a paradise for tourists from around the world.
Our plant manager, Mr. Wang Rongyin, together with all the staff members, sincerely welcomes you to  visit our plant !

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